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Mixed set of 4 vintage amber bottles. There are 2 Owens- Illinois bottles, one 4/5 quart bottle is embosses with a rose design on it and marked with the 

this type of bottle. (Usually, such as on typical soda bottles made by Owens-Illinois, the date code is on the RIGHT hand side of the glass-maker’s mark. But in this case, and as frequently seen on some other liquor bottles, it is uncertain. The “D-11” is believed to refer to distillery information.

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LOWEX mark on glass insulator made by Owens-Illinois. Diamond-O-I mark on bottom of emerald green jar. Owens-Illinois mark with 1947 date code on amber bottle. Second mark used – “I inside of an O” mark on base of emerald green jar. Owens-Illinois mark on clear bottle. Diamond/Oval/I trademark on soda bottle made in 1958.

Bland dessa märks stora företag som Ball, O-I (Owens-Illinois), WestRock, dryckesflaska för kolsyrade drycker – The Green Fiber Bottle.

One of Kind jeansYou mark size and kind :slime… Diana Johansson Nancy Owens MerendaKläder · Бохо тоже Kids Room IdeasTovat. Wine Bottle Crafts. Jar Crafts. Cute Crafts.

Owens illinois bottle marks

The bottom is marked with their “O in a square” logo, shown above. See “OWENS” on page four, and the Owens Illinois Glass Company page showing marks used after Owens Bottle merged with Illinois Glass Company in 1929. Illinois Glass Company, headquartered in Alton, Illinois, used the ” I inside a diamond mark”, as shown on this webpage.

VIA DE ROSSI, 207. BARI, 70100.

company and its marks). The Owens Bottle Co. (1911-1929) grew from a series of companies that began with the Toledo Glass Co. (1896-1903). The Toledo company was succeeded by both the Owens Bottle Machine Co. (1903-1911) that made and sold the Owens Automatic Bottle Machine and the Northwestern Ohio Bottle Co. (1904-1908), a company to make bottles.
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The Streator plant eventually became part of the American Bottle Company, then later Owens Bottle Company, and finally part of the Owens Illinois Glass Company (Plant #9). “S.B.& G.CO.” is one of the most commonly seen marks on handblown beer bottles from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Duraglas marking indicates that the bottle was made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio. The Duraglas trademark (in script) was used starting in 1940 and in bold blocked letters starting in 1963 - this information is from Bottle Makers and Their Marks by Julian Toulouse.

av KM Kneeland · 2011 · Citerat av 5 — which stable flies were marked with fluorescent dust, released, then recaptured in. Williams traps research (Szalanski and Owens 2003; De Oliveira et al. 2005; Marquez et al.
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Owens Bottle Machine Co. - Single Letter Period (1905 - 1919) A “Square-O” is the most widely recognized Owens bottle mark. However, before Owens adopted the “Square-O” in April 1919, bottle bases were embossed with a single letter code to identify which Owens factory had produced each bottle.

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Det lätta bombflygplanet Il–28 vilket blev operativt 1950, med en last-. • förmåga av upp till The 1958 Defence decision marked a drastic reduction in the allotment of funds for the Royal in small casks or bottles. Customs duty was framgångsrik. Owens verkstad tillverkade bland annat mudderverk och tröskverk; totalt.

The diamond shape was dropped from the Owens-Illinois mark in 1954 For historical archaeology: bottle and jars: tracking the 19 th century. Join the key to my usual bottle is now with a given subject.